Fashion shots: Moss photos in exhibition

The Guardian, 09-11-2006

A major exhibition will examine how the glamorous, sometimes transgressive world of fashion photography has contributed to portraiture. It will include nine images of Kate Moss at all stages of her career, from fragile-looking teenager to the enigmatic, beautiful-but-tarnished icon of today. The National Portrait Gallery exhibition, which opens in February, will draw together more than 100 photographs dating from 1990 to the present, by five photographers chosen to represent the broadest possible range of fashion portraiture. Highlights of Face of Fashion ... read more »

Kate Moss joins our national treasures

The Telegraph, 09-11-2006

It is the pantheon that boasts portraits of almost every king, queen and prime minister in English history. Next year, they will be joined in the National Portrait Gallery by the more ephemeral figure of Kate Moss, model, alleged cocaine snorter and, to this generation, a figure who is very possibly more interesting than great statesmen. In an attempt to tap into the "yoof" market — and mount a serious money-spinner — the gallery unveiled plans yesterday for what it said ... read more »


Telegraph Magazine, 11-02-2006

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Reality check

Telegraph Magazine, 01-03-2003

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The Photographic Diary of Corinne Day

Marco Bohr, 01-01-2002

The Dark Room The Observer Magazine 6th of January 2002 By Sheryl Garratt In regards to a recent exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Sheryl Garratt for the Observer interviewed the widely acknowledged and celebrated photographer Nan Goldin. For over thirty years now, Nan Goldin documents the life of her friends and the relationships she shares with them. Inevitably that also means that she documents her own life. In sometimes very intimate images she proved that a camera could record physical but ... read more »

Brand new Day

Tate Magazine, 21-12-2000

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When Fashion Got Real

The Wall Street Journal, 24-11-2000

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Reality bites

The Sunday Times, 15-10-2000

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Corinne Day: Caution Fragile!

Mixt(e) Magazine, 01-06-2000

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What Katy did

The Independent, 22-02-1997

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