Up close and personal

Vogue UK, 01-03-2007

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Between a frock and a hard place

The Times, 14-02-2007

The Face of Fashion National Portrait Gallery The most successful commercial photographic enterprise of the 19th century after portraiture was probably pornography. In those days it had to be sought under the counter, but in the 20th century pornography emerged into the light, and eventually, by the 1980s, had made it on to the walls of galleries and museums. Robert Mapplethorpe, Cindy Sherman, Andres Serrano and others created fetishistic tableaux that exposed gallery audiences to such titillations as whips, pierced body ... read more »

Beauty in the lens of the beholder

Evening Standard, 13-02-2007

"A fashion picture is a portrait just as a portrait is a fashion picture," said legendary style photographer Irving Penn. This intriguing show, featuring original work from five photographers - some unpublished, some seen in magazines from Vanity Fair to Pop, The Face to Harper's Bazaar - explores the links between the two fields. The uninspiring opening section by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott is redeemed by the jewel-like Doll, featuring the porcelain face of Tanya Dziahileva, Kate Moss's recent Dietrich spoof, ... read more »

'Tipsy' Kate Moss on camera

ITN News, 05-02-2007

The supermodel is shown immersed in a serious discussion in nine black-and-white frames, assembled together as one portrait by Corinne Day. The images make the 33-year-old look extremely animated and in some cases the worse for wear. They were taken at her home two months ago. A spokesman for the National Portrait Gallery in London said: "Forming one large work, each element of the portrait reveals a different expression, at times facing the camera head-on, at others in conversation or in quiet ... read more »

Portraying Kate Moss, a study in conversation

The Guardian, 05-02-2007

Nearly two decades after their first collaboration launched a 14-year-old Kate Moss into fashion super stardom, Corrine Day's challenge was to present a fresh portrait of one of the world's most photographed women. The commission, by the National Portrait Gallery, was never going to be easy. "To be honest, I wasn't sure it would work," said the gallery's director Sandy Nairn. "I wasn't completely convinced there was anything new to be got out of the subject." But he called the finished work ... read more »

Kate and Kylie exhibits dismay cultural critics

The Independent, 05-02-2007

Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss are to be honoured by two of Britain's leading cultural galleries this month in a move that is likely to delight Heat magazine readers as much as it offends some traditional art lovers. The Victoria and Albert Museum's show Kylie - the Exhibition, which opens on Thursday, will chart the exotic wardrobe changes of the pop star over her 20-year career. Face of Fashion, opening a week later at the National Portrait Gallery, will feature nine new ... read more »

'Tipsy' Moss caught on camera

The Metro, 04-02-2007

Supermodel Kate Moss looks a little tipsy in a new official portrait commissioned for the National Portrait Gallery. Moss has reunited with Corinne Day, whose "heroin chic" images in the Nineties famously helped propel the Croydon model into stardom. The 33-year-old was immersed in a serious discussion in the nine black-and-white frames, assembled together as one portrait. Day will not go into detail about the afternoon or reveal what got the supermodel so animated at the three-hour photo-shoot at the model's north London ... read more »

The art of the fashionable

The Telegraph, 27-01-2007

Fashion photography can make or break a publishing venture, create a fortune for a brand or a face, persuade us to pay silly prices for a handbag, but is it art? This question has long divided opinion. In general, the fine-art arena has turned a stony face towards the notion that fashion photographers are true artists. Fashion stuff is too commercial. It lacks a serious cultural history. It's all about selling product and is little more than ephemera. That's the nub ... read more »

Photograph that inspired 'heroin chic' is selected for ultimate fashion show

The Independent, 09-11-2006

The image features a waif-like Kate Moss posing suggestively against some fairy lights and it sparked a "heroin chic" movement of which the iconic model became a leading light. The now infamous Vogue fashion shoot of 1993, which was denounced by some as a celebration of a model who appeared "paedophilic and almost like a junkie", will be part of a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, telling the story of contemporary fashion photography through seminal portraits of the world's ... read more »