Exhibition: Diary

Photographer's Gallery, 05-10-2000

Diary represents 10 years of my life of which I kept an intermittent photographic diary of friends, family, experiences and places I've been.

"Good friends make you face the truth about yourself and you do the same for them, as painful, or as pleasurable, as the truth may be."

Published by Kruse Verlag 2000

Nan 1999

Corinne New York 1996

Georgina 1995

Forgotten Pool 1998

Jim 1999

Yank, New York 1996

Tania 1995

Di, doll and Me, 1997

Andy, Brewer Street, 1995

Vinca 1997

Jess, New Year's Eve Party, 1995

Tara 1997

Tara 1999

Tara 1999

Tara 1999